Reptiles and Amphibians
from Uganda and Kenya
This page lists all the reptiles and amphibians I saw on my July 2000 trip to Uganda and Kenya that I've been able to identify. Each species is linked to a page in the Herps part of my web site.

The herps that I photographed but have not (yet?) identified are on another page.

Dimorphic Reed Frog
Hyperolius cinnamomeoventris

Common Reed Frog
Hyperolius viridiflavus viridiflavus

Common Reed Frog
Hyperolius viridiflavus glandicolor

Balfour's Reed Frog
Hyperolius balfouri

Montane Golden Toad
Bufo kisoloensis

Nile Crocodile
Crocodylus niloticus

Leopard Tortoise
Geochelone pardalis

East African Serrated Mud Turtle
Pelusios sinuatus

Bell's Hinged Tortoise
Kinixys belliana

Gunther's Green Tree Snake
Dipsadoboa unicolor

Jackson's Forest Lizard
Adolfus jacksoni

Elliott's Chameleon
Chamaeleo ellioti

Graceful Chameleon
Chamaeleo gracilis

Nile Monitor
Varanus niloticus

Common Agama
Agama agama

Tree Agama
Acanthocerus atricollis

Sudan Mabuya
Mabuya brevicollis

Striped Skink
Mabuya striata

Scheffler's Dwarf Gecko
Lygodactylus scheffleri

Painted Dwarf Gecko
Lygodactylus picturatus

Tropical House Gecko
Hemidactylus mabouia

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