Sclerophrys kisoloensis Montane Golden Toad
Also known as:
Kisolo Toad
The genus Amietophrynus was split from Bufo by Frost et al in 2006. Most references still use the long-established Bufo. There's still controversy in the ranks of amphibian taxonomists about this split, but since the SSAR names book follows the split for North America, I'm also following it for the rest of the world.
Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, UgandaJuly 2, 2000
Montane Golden Toad (Sclerophrys kisoloensis)
We saw two of these tiny toadlets hopping across a hiking trail. The bigger one was perhaps an inch long. I identified them as A. kisoloensis because Drewes lists that as the only Bufonidae species at Bwindi, and this is clearly a just-metamorphosed toadlet in that family.
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