Lygodactylus tsavoensis Tsavo Dwarf Gecko
Finch Hatton's tented camp, Tsavo West National Park, KenyaJuly 9, 2000
Tsavo Dwarf Gecko (Lygodactylus tsavoensis) Tsavo Dwarf Gecko (Lygodactylus tsavoensis)
These pretty little day-active geckos were common around the camp, on posts and in bushes, but secretive. They tended to dash out of sight the moment you saw them.

These photos have been identified here and elsewhere as various different Lygodactylus species, but now it seems the ID has become clear. The species L. tsavoensis was only recently described, but is a perfect match for both appearance and location. Thanks to @donchelu on iNaturalist for making this identification.

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