Treefrog at Chambura Gorge, Uganda
Hyperolius sp?
Chambura Gorge
Queen Elizabeth National Park
July 6, 2000
Identifying this treefrog from one overexposed photo is pretty hopeless, but maybe someone intimate with the herpetofauna of Chambura Gorge will stumble across my web site, you never know. Maybe the dark stripe from snout to eyes and from eyes down the side will help.

This frog hopped across the trail, pausing just long enough for this one overenthusiastic flash photo. It was perhaps an inch and a quarter long.

Please send me mail if you have any further information, reference suggestions, or wild guesses that might help me identify this treefrog.

7/7/00 -- Dr. Drewes tentatively identified this frog as Hyperolius balfouri.

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