Skink at Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda
Queen Elizabeth National Park
July 5, 2000
I think our Ugandan guide was first really sure he had a lunatic on his hands when I made him back up the jeep so I could take a picture of this lizard on a tree trunk near the road. It wasn't a particularly large or beautiful or probably even rare lizard, but it was one I hadn't seen. And I still haven't identified it.

Please send me mail if you have any information, reference suggestions, or wild guesses that might help me identify this lizard.

7/7/00 -- Dr. Drewes tentatively identified this lizard as Adolfus jacksoni.

1/20/01 -- Dr. Drewes took another look and realized that this was no Adolfus jacksoni, but rather a skink of some kind, probably in the genus Mabuya. Unfortunately, he couldn't tell which species.

12/1/01 -- Using the just-published Field Guide to the Reptiles of East Africa, I've tentatively identified this skink as Mabuya maculilabris, the Speckle-lipped Skink.

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