Toad at Lake Elmenteita, Kenya
Bufo gutturalis
Delamere Camp
Lake Elmenteita
July 16, 2000
I saw these toads at night only, and took these pictures with a flash. A small creek meandered across the grass at this camp, periodically widening into small ponds with papyrus and other reedy plants. A long dry spell had been broken with some rain a day or two back, and two frog species were calling up a storm: this toad and a treefrog. The toad's call was a low-pitched, monotone, throaty croak.

I asked the camp staff naturalist about the frogs in the ponds and he said there were two kinds, little "acacia frogs" and big "savannah frogs". I presumed he meant the toads were the big ones, as I did not see or hear any third species. I could find neither "Acacia Frog" nor "Savannah Frog" (nor "Savannah Toad") on the web or in my herps common/scientific names book. These toads were basic toad size, probably between 3 and 4 inches long.

Lake Elmenteita is in the Great Rift Valley, very close to the larger and more famous Lake Nakuru.

In 2006, a guide to Amphibians of East Africa by Alan Channing and Kim M. Howell was published. I used this guide to identify this toad as Bufo gutturalis.

Please send me mail if you have any further information about these toads.

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