Spilotes pullatus Tropical Rat Snake
Also known as:
Tiger Rat Snake, Thunder and Lightning Snake
Pook's Hill, Belmopan, BelizeApril 12, 1998
Tropical Rat Snake (Spilotes pullatus)
This fairly large and colorful snake was found by the proprietors of Pook's Hill lounging in their young daughter's hut. Since it is a rat snake and not a young daughter snake, they weren't too worried, but they decided things would be better off overall if the snake were released in the rainforest nearby. Dr. Archie Carr III dutifully carried the snake 100 yards or so up the road and released it, whereupon it promptly turned around and sped back towards the daughter's hut as fast as its little ribs could carry it. We decided to tell the proprietors only the part about releasing it 100 yards away.
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