Zhangixalus prominanus Malayan Flying Frog
Also known as:
Jor Flying Frog, Jade Gliding Frog
This species was formerly placed in the genus Rhacophorus.
Bukit Fraser, Pahang, MalaysiaJanuary 20, 2017
Malayan Flying Frog (Zhangixalus prominanus)
My friend Kurt "Orion" G tracked this frog down from its call. It had been perched high up in some vegetation at the edge of the road. I wanted a better photo than I could get from far below the frog, so I deployed a long stick to encourage the frog to jump down lower. And that it did, landing on the road almost directly below where it had been perched. So much for the graceful gliding these frogs are known for.

After I got a photo of the frog where it had landed on the road, I picked it up and put it back into the vegetation, but not so high up. However, all this activity had stressed it enough that it lost its bright colors, and I wasn't happy with the additional photos I took so I'm not including them here.

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