Hylarana daemeli Wood Frog
Also known as:
Australian Wood Frog
Garden of Red Mill House, Daintree, Queensland, AustraliaFebruary 14, 2003
Wood Frog (Hylarana daemeli) Wood Frog (Hylarana daemeli)
The frog family Ranidae contains hundreds of species spread across the world. Surprisingly, this is the only species in Australia, and it lives only in a small swath of rainforest in the northeastern part of the country. Apparently it snuck across the channel separating New Guinea from Australia a long time ago when the land masses were closer together.

This particular frog was out on a drizzly night admiring the view from the edge of a pond on the grounds of Red Mill House when I first came across it. I was sure it would leap into the pond when it became aware of my presence, but instead it turned around and hopped up onto the grass, where I could get better photos. How very accommodating! I should have expected nothing less from a frog living around Red Mill House, an utterly delightful place to spend a night or three.

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