Ptychadena anchietae Anchieta’s Ridged Frog
Also known as:
Plain Grass Frog, Northern Rana, Savanna Ridged Frog, Benguella Grassland Frog, Ancheita’s Frog, Long-legged Grass Frog, Anchieta’s Rocket Frog
Queen Elizabeth National Park, UgandaJuly 5, 2000
Anchieta’s Ridged Frog (Ptychadena anchietae)
We stopped to admire the hippos in the Ishasha river at one of the campsites in Queen Elizabeth National Park. I took some time to also admire the frogs at the river's edge. They ranged in size from an inch and a half or so to about 4 inches long, and would leap prodigiously when disturbed. And they got disturbed easily; I had to sneak around for quite a while, frogs leaping about everywhere, before I found one that would hold its ground long enough for me to take this photo.

I couldn't find enough information about the frogs in this area to identify this guy until I got a copy of Channing and Howell's recent guide to East African Amphibians. There are a couple of other possible candidates listed in this book, but this one seemed to be a good fit.

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