Meristogenys penrissenensis Penrissen Torrent Frog
Kubah National Park, Sarawak, MalaysiaFebruary 18, 2018
Penrissen Torrent Frog (Meristogenys penrissenensis) Penrissen Torrent Frog (Meristogenys penrissenensis)
I believe this frog is either Meristogenys jerboa or Meristogenys penrissenensis, both of which are known from western Sarawak.

One distinction is that M. jerboa has significantly more black markings on the side of the head and front of the body, which this frog (mostly) lacks. Another distinction is that the iris of M. jerboa is yellowish on top and reddish in the middle and on the bottom, whereas the iris of M. penrissenensis is yellowish on top, reddish in the middle, and yellowish again on the bottom. The lighting in this photo doesn't show this clearly, but if I lighten it up in software I can see that the lower part of the iris is lighter than the middle. So I think this frog is probably M. penrissenensis.

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