Microlophus jacobi Santiago Lava Lizard
This species was formerly considered part of Microlophus albemarlensis, which is now restricted to Isabela island and its islets.

The Reptile Database spells this M. jacobii, with the double i. I don't know which spelling is technically correct.

James Bay, Santiago Island, Galápagos Islands, EcuadorApril 30, 2012
Santiago Lava Lizard (Microlophus jacobi) Santiago Lava Lizard (Microlophus jacobi) Santiago Lava Lizard (Microlophus jacobi)
The general rule with lava lizards is that the males are larger and more strikingly patterned, and the females have bright red/orange on their heads. But there is a lot of variation in the details, even within the same species. Here are two adult males and one adult female from Santiago.
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