Mixophyes fasciolatus Great Barred Frog
Also known as:
Brown-striped Frog, Brown Frog
on grounds of Mt. Glorious Getaway Cottages, Queensland, AustraliaFebruary 17, 2003
Great Barred Frog (Mixophyes fasciolatus) Great Barred Frog (Mixophyes fasciolatus)
The Great Barred Frog seemed to me to be a very silly frog indeed. First, its head is obviously too large for its body. This is just not a sensible look for a frog. But also, its defense against large apparent predators, such as myself, is to flatten itself down as in this second photo. After it has achieved what it believes to be the complete safety of this flattened shape, no amount of coaxing will cause it to hop away or move in any fashion. I rescued these frogs from the road by picking them up and carrying them, completely unrestrained, in the palm of my hand. Then since they wouldn't hop out of my hand even when gently prodded, I would place them neatly on the forest floor and walk away. I'm sure each frog was thinking "You can't see me, no sir, because my head is too big!".

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