Leptodeira septentrionalis Cat-eyed Snake
Also known as:
Northern Cat-eyed Snake
Esquinas Rainforest Lodge, Golfito region, Puntarenas province, Costa RicaSeptember 24, 2001
Cat-eyed Snake (Leptodeira septentrionalis)
We found this snake at night at the edge of a pond full of calling frogs. Frog egg masses are a favorite meal for these snakes. We captured it and took photos the next day.

This snake was photographed on a herping trip with GreenTracks. Here is a complete list of the species we found on this GreenTracks trip.

between Palmar Norte and Dominical, Puntarenas province, Costa RicaSeptember 27, 2001
Cat-eyed Snake (Leptodeira septentrionalis)
When we found this snake, it was dining on a road-killed frog in the middle of the new paved road from the Pan-American Highway to the coast. We saved it from a similar fate by capturing it, and took pictures the next day. For the (somewhat gruesome) picture of its activity when we came across it, read my account of this trip.
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