Leptobrachella mjobergi Mjoberg’s Dwarf Litter Frog
Kubah National Park, Sarawak, MalaysiaJanuary 27, 2017
Mjoberg’s Dwarf Litter Frog (Leptobrachella mjobergi)
I had just finished photographing a tiny toad when I saw this even tinier frog. For a moment I thought it must be a young individual of the same toad species, but then I realized it had a somewhat different, less toad-y shape. But it was so very tiny that this was not obvious. A fully grown one of these frogs is perhaps 0.8 inches long, and I don't think this one was fully grown.

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Kubah National Park, Sarawak, MalaysiaFebruary 18, 2018
Mjoberg’s Dwarf Litter Frog (Leptobrachella mjobergi) Mjoberg’s Dwarf Litter Frog (Leptobrachella mjobergi)
Upon returning to Kubah the following year, I knew to look for these tiny frogs in the same area where I had seen one before. And indeed I found two very close to that same spot, both of them perched proudly, looking toward the water.
Gunung Gading National Park, Sarawak, MalaysiaFebruary 21, 2018
Mjoberg’s Dwarf Litter Frog (Leptobrachella mjobergi)
I heard this little guy calling at a spot where a small stream crossed the trail. The call was faint, but consistent enough that I could eventually hone in on the frog's location. You can only barely tell, but the frog's vocal sac is enlarged in this photo.
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