Limnonectes deinodon Corrugated Frog
Limnonectes deinodon was rescued from synonymy (whew!) from Limnonectes laticeps in 2014. The ones in Peninsular Malaysia are now considered to be L. deinodon.
Lowlands, Selangor, MalaysiaJanuary 15, 2017
Corrugated Frog (Limnonectes deinodon)
This frog looks basically like a member of the confusing Limnonectes “kuhlii” complex, but with a distinctive skin texture.

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Highlands, Pahang, MalaysiaJanuary 18, 2017
Corrugated Frog (Limnonectes deinodon) Corrugated Frog (Limnonectes deinodon)
On a rainy night, these were the only two frogs my guide Kurt "Orion" G and I saw on a quick inspection of a stretch of road through some good froggy habitat. We soon moved on the more fertile pastures.
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