Hemiphyllodactylus cf. titiwangsaensis undescribed species
Hemiphyllodactylus titiwangsaensis was split into several species by Grismer, Wood, et al in 2015. The ones I saw in the highlands of Pahang are no longer considered part of H. titiwangsaensis, but have yet to be formally described.
Highlands, Pahang, MalaysiaJanuary 17, 2017
undescribed species (Hemiphyllodactylus cf. titiwangsaensis)
On an evening full of wind and cool rain, sensible lizards all hunkered down somewhere out of sight, but this brave gecko went about its business as usual.

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Bukit Fraser, Pahang, MalaysiaJanuary 22, 2017
undescribed species (Hemiphyllodactylus cf. titiwangsaensis)
Grismer reports that these lizards are frequently seen on buildings and other structures at Bukit Fraser, but I saw them only in the forest.
Bukit Fraser, Pahang, MalaysiaJanuary 23, 2017
undescribed species (Hemiphyllodactylus cf. titiwangsaensis)
On each foot, the inner toe is a little stump, usually without a claw.
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