Wollumbinia latisternum Saw-shelled Turtle
Also known as:
Serrated Snapping Turtle, Eastern Snapping Turtle, Saw-shelled Snapping Turtle, Eastern Snapping Tortoise
This species has been classified in the genera Elseya, Euchelymys, Emydura, and Myuchelys in addition to Wollumbinia, where it resides as of the fourth edition of Wilson and Swan's guide.
Lake Eacham, Atherton Tableland, Queensland, AustraliaFebruary 9, 2003
Saw-shelled Turtle (Wollumbinia latisternum)
These turtles are quite common in rainforest lakes and streams in northeast Queensland. This one was swimming around with a dozen of its turtle pals just beneath the turtle-viewing platform at Lake Eacham.

Here is a complete list of the reptiles and frogs I saw on this trip to Australia.

Elinjaa Falls, Atherton Tableland, Queensland, AustraliaFebruary 10, 2003
Saw-shelled Turtle (Wollumbinia latisternum)
Although these turtles are often called "snapping turtles", they are not closely related to the real snapping turtles of the Americas. They are also sometimes called "tortoises" though the rest of the world reserves "tortoise" for a group of terrestrial turtles.
Malanda Falls, Atherton Tableland, Queensland, AustraliaFebruary 11, 2003
Saw-shelled Turtle (Wollumbinia latisternum)
We spent a few hours hanging out near likely platypus spots, but we never did see a platypus. Fortunately these turtles and the occasional Eastern Water Dragon were there to entertain us while we waited.
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