Dendrelaphis schokari Schokar’s Bronzeback
Kalutara District, Western Province, Sri LankaAugust 20, 2019
Schokar’s Bronzeback (Dendrelaphis schokari) Schokar’s Bronzeback (Dendrelaphis schokari)
My guide Udaya Chanaka spotted this slender snake perched about 7 feet above the forest floor. It was not in a position where we could get photos. Dendrelaphis are extremely fast at climbing through vegetation, so we had only one chance to try to grab the snake so we could pose it somewhere lower for photos. It was too high for Chanaka to reach, but fortunately, I am extra tall, so I was assigned the task of reaching up slowly slowly slowly and then snatching. Success! But then we had to worry about where to place the snake such that we could get photos before it shot off into the forest. No worries, it turned out to be one of the most chill snakes you could ever hope to meet, perfectly content to hang out in various poses wherever we put it.
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