Cyrtodactylus yoshii Yoshi’s Bent-toed Gecko
Also known as:
Yoshi’s Bow-fingered Gecko
Danum Valley Conservation Area, Sabah, MalaysiaMarch 9, 2018
Yoshi’s Bent-toed Gecko (Cyrtodactylus yoshii) Yoshi’s Bent-toed Gecko (Cyrtodactylus yoshii)
In four nights of nocturnal wanderings around Borneo Rainforest Lodge, this was the only individual Cyrtodactylus I saw. That's one of the most embarrassing revelations I've ever made. The good news is that it didn't look like any of the dozens, perhaps hundreds, of Cyrtodactylus I had seen on my two trips to Malaysia so far. The local guide thought it just looked like a normal gecko, but (A) he wasn't particularly knowledgable about herps, and (B) maybe all the Cyrtodactylus in this particular area look like this. It turns out that Cyrtodactylus yoshii is a poorly known species known only from a limited range that includes Danum Valley. It is a large species of Cyrtodactylus with significantly lighter colors than the others.
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