Cyrtodactylus consobrinus Peters’s Bent-toed Gecko
Also known as:
Peters’ Slender-toed Gecko, Peters’ Bow-fingered Gecko, Banded Forest Gecko, Thin-banded Forest Gecko, Giant Bent-toed Gecko
Lowlands, Selangor, MalaysiaJanuary 17, 2017
Peters’s Bent-toed Gecko (Cyrtodactylus consobrinus) Peters’s Bent-toed Gecko (Cyrtodactylus consobrinus)
In Peninsular Malaysia, I saw these gorgeous geckos mostly on large boulders, though some were in the root systems of thick trees. As usual, my guide Kurt "Orion" G knew right where to look for them.

My Travelogues and Trip Lists page includes a complete list of the herps I saw in the wild on this trip to Malaysia, as well as a travelogue of the trip.

Lowlands, Selangor, MalaysiaJanuary 18, 2017
Peters’s Bent-toed Gecko (Cyrtodactylus consobrinus) Peters’s Bent-toed Gecko (Cyrtodactylus consobrinus)
Youngsters like this one have higher-contrast patterns than the big adults, making them perhaps even more beautiful.
Kubah National Park, Sarawak, MalaysiaJanuary 26, 2017
Peters’s Bent-toed Gecko (Cyrtodactylus consobrinus)
On Borneo I saw several more of these geckos, though they were mostly on medium-sized tree trunks rather than large boulders. Could just be due to low sample size, of course.
Santubong Peninsula, Sarawak, MalaysiaJanuary 30, 2017
Peters’s Bent-toed Gecko (Cyrtodactylus consobrinus)
Cyrtodactylus species are being discovered/described/split left and right these days. I would not be shocked to find these Borneo populations split into a separate species from the Peninsular Malaysia populations some day. At least in my small-sample-size observations, the Borneo ones had a somewhat lower-contrast pattern and fewer or less prominent tubercles on the back.
Kubah National Park, Sarawak, MalaysiaFebruary 19, 2018
Peters’s Bent-toed Gecko (Cyrtodactylus consobrinus)
Here's one with particularly narrow crossbars.
Gunung Gading National Park, Sarawak, MalaysiaFebruary 21, 2018
Peters’s Bent-toed Gecko (Cyrtodactylus consobrinus)
These are really spectacular geckos in person. Their photos don't do them justice.
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